Alexander Krobath is a conceptual Fashion Designer & Textile Artist who recently graduated from his B.A. in Fashion Design.

Drawing inspiration from his alpine roots, he embarks on a creative journey that combines rustic charm with futuristic imaginings.

The combination of traditional techniques like saddle stitching on leather with modern technologies such as laser cutting enables him to craft distinctive fabric manipulations and even develop his own textiles. At the core of his creations are the innovative skins that cover them, focussing on textile creation with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Beyond the boundaries of conventional design, he delves into scientific research, exploring new dimensions of structure and surface as a frontier for the future. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, Alexander actively strives to minimize our impact on the environment.

Bold silhouettes and playful proportions define his creations, as he fuses avant-garde artistry with wearable fashion, resulting in a harmonious collaboration. Yet, the artist`s works transcend the realm of mere appearances; they embody living entities, with every aspect of their skins meticulously crafted by hand, from headpieces to shoes. These creations inspire humans to explore new dimensions of movement and self-expression.

,,In essence, my artistry represents an intricate tapestry woven from alpine inspirations, innovative techniques, sustainable principles, and a profound desire to challenge conventions. Through my creations, I breathe life into true creatures that propel us towards uncharted territories of self-expression and pave the way for a vibrant future.„

 © Copyright 2023, Alexander Krobath

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